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A Wedding Planners Top 10 Favourite Wedding Favours (Edible Edition)

It’s no secret that I love to eat….I also have a BIG bit of a sweet tooth 🙂 So when I was thinking about all of the wedding favours I have seen over the years (after 10 years as a wedding planner I’ve seen a few!), naturally my favourites have been the edible ones. (Pssst don’t worry, I also have a top 10 list of non-edible ones coming soon!)

Wedding favours are a personal choice, some couples opt to do them, while others do not and there is no right or wrong answer. If you choose to have them, make guests feel like they are taking home a little piece of you and your special day. Favours are more than just a keepsake, they can often act as dessert, decor, tie in colours and as you will see below, they can even double as stationery!

Fun Fact: in my experience the wedding favours least likely to be left behind at the end of the night….are the ones you can eat!

 1. Honey – Both practical and delicious, honey favours are a cute addition to any wedding table setting.

2. Cookies – These sugar cookie wedding favours are a work of art in themselves. To add a little extra flair, we customized them so they also doubled as name cards!

3. Macarons – Confession: I have a macaron obsession! My fav flavour is passionfruit. Box them up or package them in clear bags to let the colours show, they are the perfect way tie in your colour scheme and your guests will rave for days.

4. Pie/Cake in a jar – These are a great DIY wedding favour option. They can be made ahead of time and look so sweet wrapped up with a pretty little bow.

5. S’mores/candy/chocolates/fudge/donut – Because who can say no to a donut?! Send your wedding guests home with a sweet treat. Box them to keep them nice and fresh, your wedding guests will appreciate the late night snack attack.

6. Jam/Salsa/Pickles – Another great DIY favour option that can be made up in advance. Perhaps you have a delicious family recipe that has been passed down and would be the perfect compliment to your personalized wedding reception.

7. Popcorn – Sweet or savoury, the possibilities are endless and will leave your guests feeling like they just attended the event of the year.

8. Tea/coffee – A staple in most households, why not have guests take home your favourite blend.

9. Oil/hot sauce/spice blend – Give them a little taste of you; have a custom spice blend made, a herb infused olive oil or for the extra spicy couple a hot, hot, hot sauce!

10. Booze – Do you love martinis and he loves rum and coke? Give guests a little sample of your favourite cocktail.

Whatever you choose to do for wedding favours, have fun with it, let it be a reflection of you and allow your personalities to shine though.

Photo credits: 1. Honey: Brent Calis Photography via Shannon Valente Weddings / 2. Cookies: Emily Exon Photography via Shannon Valente Weddings / 3. Macarons: Rebekah Westover Photography via Brit + Co / 4. Pie/Cake in a jar: Custom Love Gifts / 5. Donuts: Mary Costa Photography via Almost Makes Perfect/ 6. Pickles: via Brides / 7. Popcorn: Annie Mcelwain Photography via 100 Layer Cake / 8. Tea/Coffee: Etsy / 9. Oil/hot sauce: Judy Pak Photography / 10. Booze: Mef Photography via Brides