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Anne-Marie + Kovid // Teatro Restaurant Wedding

Throw back Thursday to Anne-Marie and Kovid’s epic Teatro Restaurant Wedding.  Not your typical wedding, although the day had many of the traditional elements, it was also filled with fart jokes and man buns and couldn’t have been anymore fun if we tried!

On a more serious note…I’ve been witness to a lot of great loves after 9+ years as a wedding planner.  Great loves that aren’t concerned with the where and when of the wedding but the WHO.  Anne-Marie and Kovid are the definition of great love and it consumed every aspect of the day, the vows, the speeches, the quite moments.  Thank you for bringing us along for the ride, this was one for the books.

Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0023_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0035 as Smart Object-1Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0134_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0141_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0145_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0170_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0192_FINAL3Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0236_FINAL2Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0420_FINAL_3Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0445_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0500_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0628_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0648_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0653 as Smart Object-1Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0663_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0680_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0701_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0721_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0727_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0756_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0799_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0806 as Smart Object-1Anne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0923_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0933_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0945_FINALAnne-Marie-and-Kovid AM-K_0948_FINALThe dream team:

Wedding Day Coordinator – Shannon Valente Weddings

Photographer – Two Mann Studios

Venue – Teatro Restaurant