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Wedding Tip of the Week – EAT!!

It’s no secret that I like food, so I thought it was fitting this week’s wedding tip is to EAT!!!  It is a LONG day, and you need to fuel your body.  Work meal times into your wedding day itinerary.  Plan to eat breakfast while you are getting ready.  No time for lunch? Pack a picnic!  Grab a cooler the day before, it doesn’t have to be fancy, load it up with drinks (yes something other than just beer) and easy to eat, on the go snacks (granola bars, fruit, sandwiches) to munch on while you are off doing photos.  Nerves might prevent you from eating breakfast pre-ceremony so you will thank me post ceremony as you ride around in your limo with a cooler stocked with goodies.  The day will fly by and before you know it you haven’t ate or drank a thing the entire day and a headache is setting in just as the wedding reception you worked so hard to plan is about to begin.  Don’t let it happen to you, eat and hydrate to enjoy your day!

Happy Planning!
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