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GirlyGoGarter Review

I’ve seen it time and time again, brides and bridesmaids searching for their purse on the wedding day, or stashing it behind the head table at the wedding reception because there is no where else for it to go.  It’s a common problem, and here is the solution….

Last month GirlyGoGarter was so sweet to send us a free sample of their product (the wedding blue of course 🙂 and I finally had a chance to test mine out!!  The creator is celebrity beauty style expert Andy Paige, and she really knows her stuff.  The website describes the product as a “sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlex Gripper.”

Well the verdict in is in and I have to say…. I LOVED it!!

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What I loved about the GirlyGoGarter:
– the packaging was so cute when it arrived, wrapped with a blue tulle bow.
– you can definitely tell they are made with high end materials, the lace, microfiber and patented silicone grippers really help to keep it in place.
– it had a fun little tissue paper insert that showed you examples of what you could put in each pocket, a lot of thought and research went into sizing the pockets to fit your most used items perfectly.
– unlike a traditional garter you don’t slide it up your leg, it stays in place with velcro and was really comfortable to wear. I had mine on for ~3 hours.
– the freedom of not having to carry a purse was liberating!
– the garter is super sexy yet functional, gone are the days of stuffing $$ in your bra.
– it says it can handle up to 3lbs…..3lbs!  I didn’t stuff mine that full for the first trial, just a few of the essentials, phone, lip gloss, credit card and ID and it didn’t feel bulky at all.
– it would make a great gift for the bride (it could even double as her ‘something blue’, and definitely a must have for the bridesmaids!
– you can monogram your name or initials and they have tons of colours to choose from.

Overall I was extremely happy with my GirlyGoGarter!  Cautions: depending on the clinginess of your dress/skirt, bulkier items would need to be strategically placed but the velcro and multiple pockets make it easy for you to do that.  Also, if you are modest you might want to access it discretely (in a washroom perhaps) to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

If you are looking for something blue to wear on your wedding day, a super cute gift for a bride or bridesmaids you found it!

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