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10 Trendy Substitutes for the Standard Wedding Guest Book

 10 standard guest book alternatives
1 – Have your guests write on river rocks and then display them in a glass bowl.
2 – Have a photo booth or polaroid station at your wedding reception and have your guests write a note beside their pictures, which you can compile later into an album.
3 – Have your guests use a fabric marker and write on small squares of fabric, then later have them made into a quilt for everyday use or just to have on display.
4 – Have your guests use a sharpie or glass marker and scribble down their wishes onto a large champagne bottle, which you can then sip on during your first anniversary.
5 – Have a large poster size picture of either you and your groom or the reception site and have it set on an easel with a sharpie marker for your guests to sign and show their love.
6 – Have a smaller sized chalkboard and some pieces of chalk, ready to be held up by each guest during an individual photo session.
7 – Have your guests sign small cards with ribbon attached to be hung on tree branches.
8 – Have each guest sign an item that is very meaningful to you and your husband whether it be a skateboard, guitar, a canoe, a painting or a globe.
9 – Set up an old fashioned typewriter and insert a long scroll so that all your guests can fit onto one, and have them type up their best wishes that way.
10 – Have a video camera or rent a video booth and have it set up in a corner or small area and they’ll truly be able to leave a message full of personality and meaning.