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Winterize Your Wedding!

Looking for ways to ‘Winterize’ Your Wedding?  Here are a few ideas to help with the process:

Venue:  Living in Calgary makes all of the city’s brides oh so lucky by providing a close alternative for your wedding that is so unique and mesmerizing.  Only a short drive away, the mountains provide an incredible winter backdrop that is sure to turn your wedding from simple to incredible simply by changing the scenery.  Not only do the mountains make for a great photo backdrop, they’re sure to provide activities for your guests that would be not available anywhere else.
Decor: A simple winter ice sculpture can turn your winter wedding into a winter wonderland.  Now with more and more people personalizing their weddings, instead of a typical animal or theme shaped wedding sculpture, many companies can put a photo of your choice on the ice sculpture.  This is a great way to show off those great engagement photos!  If you’re looking for a funkier alternative, you can get a martini ice sculpture where the beverage gets poured through the ice sculpture and into your glass!

Food: As candy bars and specialized “stations” show up at more and more weddings to personalize their reception, we’ve recently seen very few weddings with this special winter twist.  Instead of having a macaroni and cheese station or something of that sort, really winterize your wedding by having a snow cone station (great for summer or winter weddings!).  Guests can pick and create their own miniature snow cone so they won’t get chilly while having a refreshing treat that they surely would only find at your wedding in the winter.  If you’re looking for a warmer alternative, why not have a hot chocolate or coffee and cider station where guests can add their own spices or toppings to really cozy up for the party they are sure to enjoy.

Color scheme:White tends to be more apparent in our winter wedding themes, so why not add a color that’s sure to bring the beauty of the icy outdoors inside to share with your guests.  An icy blue or silver accents are sure to brighten up your reception area in a hurry. If you’re looking for more of a punch, colors such as a deep red bring in the warmth and add a real pop to your decorations at your venue and also add to the opportunity for fabulous photos.

Post ceremony:We all love the tossing of rice or confetti on our newly married couple as they leave the ceremony.  As we modernize each element of our wedding, different things have been used such as bubbles and flower petals.  To winterize this special part of your day, get fake snow crystals from a local art supply or craft store and make this moment even more magical.

Accessories:  Keeping warm is yet another essential part of having your winter wedding, and as a bride to be, we also know that being chic while doing so is very important.  A smart fur cape is sure to keep you fashionable and warm while also allowing for some unique winter photos that none of the summer brides are able to have.

Transportation:Showing up in any type of automobile; be it an old sports car or a limousine, are classic ways that are still used by many brides for their transportation to the ceremony.  If you want a way to winterize this element of your wedding, show up in a horse drawn sleigh to add an elegant twist to your big day.  If you’re keen on being even more unique, rent out a dog sled and their team and you’ll really make a grand entrance sure to be remembered.
For more unique ideas on how to ‘winterize’ your wedding, or heat up a summer celebration, contact us today!