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Think Outside the Wedding Ring Box!

3 tips to creating a unique and memorable wedding
Whoever said you have to word your invitations just so, walk down the aisle to —– and carry a certain type of bouquet, well….they were wrong!  Today’s weddings are filled with surprises, flashy attire, funky music and a rainbow of colours.  After all, it is your day, so you should have it your way!  The first rule I tell all of my brides is there are NO rules, who needs them!  You don’t want to leave out certain pieces of your picture perfect wedding because once upon a time it went against ‘proper etiquette’, and you shouldn’t have to.  I’m not saying ALL etiquette should go out the window, there are certainly a few things you as the bride and groom are required to do and provide for your guests.  What you do need to do is think outside the of norm.
Here are a few exercises to get you thinking outside of the wedding ring box:
1 – Come up with a slogan for you and your future husband and infuse it into every aspect of the wedding planning process.  You want your day to ooze your personalities, figure out who you are, what you like and how you want the day and your new life to ‘feel’.
2 – Think of 3 creative items your wedding must have to set you apart from the cookie cutter wedding, it could be the type of food, music, a special something you could carry down the aisle to wow your guests, or funky centerpieces instead of flowers, the possibilities are endless!
3 – Think of 3 words you want people to use to describe your wedding, if the words that come to mind are fun, romantic, or flat out hysterical, start brainstorming ideas that will incorporate these reactions from your guests.  You might want to shock your guest with an unexpected grand entrance or fill the room with romantic ambiance.  So get those wheels turning and whatever you choose, think BIG!